digital drawings by A team

the location of this project is in the orthogonal urban pattern of XiAn, here uncommonly featured by a diagonal path reaching the roads crossing.
the project proposes an architecture for undefined contents and a typology which allows 1, 2+1 or 3 buildings with a predefined 8x8m structural pattern.
the built luminescent advertisement is materialized in 3 polycarbonate arrows, visible in the end of the perspective of the diagonal path here above mentioned.

the building design is planned for:

  • ground floor commerces
  • offices, health facilities, etc
  • exclusive penthouses offices or residences.

the elevations recognize the hierarchy of the roads and appropriately participate to the urban context.
though fronting each side, the building has a direction.
tinted mortar on masonry and coated textured metal sandwich boards realize the surfaces.


  • for this project without any predefined program, a popular means of advertisement (in china) inspires the proposal.

  • Each corner of the 3 modules is marked by a swiveling poly-carbonate arrow, in order to avoid the built advertisement on the building elevations.

  • In state the brands will be grouped on the ground floor.

north elevation

West elevation

4 elevations typologies